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Journal of a professional female photographer

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This journal is written by Anahi Clemens who has been working as photographer since 2012. She is mainly based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands; therefore that many of the rules she speaks about are based in this market but she is used to working internationally, too. She has always been interesting in learning not only about photography but what is behind it believing that a full time artist in these times needs to also be self-sustainable in running a business, in order to be free, as free as artists love to be.


"I had no idea of all these things about my administration! If I would have known before I would have taken it into consideration for my choices!" 

Anonymous freelance artist from Amsterdam

"You make me feel motivated! I feel like just go working now on my business and also feel empowered to charge more fair prices for the time I put into it and the gear and other investments I have acquired to offer my services"

Female photographer from Utrecht


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