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3 platforms to run your freelance business yourself

  1. I made my website and all of the websites of ideas I get in here. Because something is easy doesn't mean it is bad. At wix it can get as complicated as you want, introducing programming if you want but often the drag and drop way of working is amazing already. They have the newest site features and their hosting is great as well as their themes. I am a huge fan myself and that's why I recommend it. Simplicity, beauty and a the possibility to offer a good user experience.I did use Wordpress before but I quit a while ago since I got many bugs in the site.

  2. is the wix of not-website design. You can create from flyers to books to social media posts to marketing plans and curriculum vitae all in beautiful designs and with the possibility to modify them in the way you want, add your own images (or use theirs). It is also a drag and drop way, very easy to use. For all your promotional material with a professional look without having to learn illustrator that is more for full time designers. As a freelance photographer you need to know a bit about everything just to get it done for you as efficiently as possible. That's why I love this platform.

  3. is an educational platform. I count it in this list because with the quality of teachers and coaches in that website you can improve the way you run your business in many ways.

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