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A new hobby

Many times I heard "Oh you made your job out of your hobby!". As much as I like taking photographs, it is my job and in past years it would indeed take 100% in my mind. Also when being at a party and most of the conversations. During Covid I took a little bit of distance and got interested in testing other things, I took an Ableton course offered by a group of DJ's and producers that at that time weren't touring anymore. I remember that when learning the software and barely knowing anything about music, my brain wanted to relate to what it knew from Lightroom. I found many analogies between the two softwares and how thinking of light, shadows and forms can be somehow applied into waves of sound too. It was highly rewarding to be experimenting again, having no expectations of an outcome, simply learning, testing, making funny mistakes that sound like a whale's belly ache but also being surprised and motivated by other sounds that are magical. I have been playing for a few months with it and it is very energising for my person, for my brain, rewarding to know a bit more but also have a long new path in front in a new direction. And having this new hobby makes me enjoy more when I am photographing. Like, oh yeah this I can do very comfortably. And later on the day go back to discomfort and curiosity.

Another hobby I have taken is rollerskate dancing, because this does not involve a computer but physical exercise instead. This have been feeling great for my health too! I always have a kind of dance in my life and rollerskate dancing is like learning to walk again, but getting better at it and having so much fun!!!

I highly recommend having a hobby on the side of your photography job to keep your life balanced.

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