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A night of photo-book presentations: Self Publishers United

Last night I went to an event ny Self-Publishers United where four photographers presented their books in content but also in the process they went through by making them. It was great to see how different they all were!

The first photographer's style was quite clean and family friendly, Wies den Ouden. Her book was big, flat lay and with an extra booklet outside the book. An experience of print. The second photographer, Koen Suidgeest had travel to many locations and had documented people in challenging living conditions. He mentioned to have had "beginners' luck" when his book got selected by Oxfam Novib, organisation that fights for equality and against world poverty. He got 6500 copies requested and could not believe it. He mentioned that success for him was to realise how some copies of his book ended at the thrift-store and at coffee shops. The third photographer, Gilles Boeuf showed the different stages of his book and the current one mixes poetry with analogue photography. I enjoyed the poetry a lot and also his way of presenting the book and himself seemed very pure to me. The fourth photographer, whose name is not posted in the event and I do not remember. She was an educated photographer, vegetarian woman with a Hazelblad and a shamanistic Alaskan whale hunter man. The book was about her experiences in that region, quite a different way to approach life over there between the ice and lovely that such worlds can be shared through a compilation of images in a book!

Much respect to those photographers!

Also noticeable, they all mentioned that it was a whole separate job to be a book designer! And they all were very respectful to their tasks because made their book have beautiful unity and make sense of the story in print.

Here is the link to Self Publishers United

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