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Membership based accountant

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Administration used to be the least fun part of being a freelancer. I tried expensive accountants and complicated softwares but I am finally happy with my administration! I am with "Kees De Boekhouder" which is a membership based accountancy group. They specialise in freelancers and many in the creative industry. They are based in The Netherlands but if you are reading from another country you might be able to find something similar.

With Kees De Boekhouder you get a personal accountant assigned that follows through with you as well as a clear to use software and an app to easily upload ticket pictures from your phone. I love using administration software because it shows me a graph of my income, outcome and which invoices are still open. It also allows you to send reminders after the deadline in the invoice. My personal accountant has been incredibly helpful. Also, when she was on holiday there are more accountants in the organisation that offer support meanwhile.

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