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Acquisition & Networking

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

Today I ended up at an event for entrepreneurs in the creative sector where the theme was acquisition and networking. While listening to other people I realised how I never intended to network or tried anything. Everything sort of happened, I consider myself shy (although a few friends have disagreed with me). It was never my intention to talk with someone because I could get something out of it, never. I cannot even do small talk, I wish I could but I am just not able to. Actually, on the breaks I often just run to hide at the coffee place and it is right there where the magic happens. I guess this has a good side because with my direct and personal questions a real connection was made and then I got to really know the other person and the other person got to know me. A few said that I over-shared but I've been never been afraid of people disliking me. So, my first recommendation is for you to talk to people without expectations. It has been the case though that some years later the contact knows a person who needs a photographer and then they think of me but it all goes very organic. Just make a real connection and say clearly what you do. That's the second recommendation, say what you do in a sentence. If they are interested they'll ask more about it and otherwise let it be. In our current generation we all have many different skills but choose the one you either enjoy the most or fits your goals the most. Often being able to do it all means you aren't 100% good at any of them. It might not be the case but it is a general perception.

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