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Commission based leads

Recently I got into an agreement with a lovely client. After working together a few times and her recommending me to a couple of her clients, she asked whether she could have a percentage of the project fee of the ones she has recommended me to. I accepted because her filter of companies is already one that I like, driven people with values that I also align with. And when sending my quotation to the new clients, I consider the commission.

New clients are always an investment in experience but can also be a challenge and end up costing a lot of time. One must invest time in getting to know the new client to understand what they need, what their expectations are, the normal budgets and also very important, whether it is for one time or it could mean a long term client. Long term clients are the most important relationships for a freelancer because are those who bring stability and where once having a few of them, you can focus in shooting and the creative process and less around it. In the postproduction it also requires less time since you know what they expect in colouring, format, etc. Even in administration it costs less time because you already have them as saved client :).

So, her leads to new clients and potential long term relationships are worth for me to pay the commission. She actually decided to apply that commission for her own photoshoot which she would like to do for her website. Partnerships like this are lovely, also because the communication between us usually goes very efficiently and the feedback is honest where we can both grow from.

If I share this, is for you to realize the different kind of relationships and ways that can lead you to new clients.

Good luck this week with all your projects.

Even one step towards your goal, is forward.

If you have no clear goals yet, try to define some this week and that is also a step :)

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