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Updated: Mar 7, 2023

I had to learn the hard way. With my good heart I once set up a project by word, shot it, delivered. I got paid only a year later for it and the images were used since before by a third party which fought with my client. I am part of a network for professional photographers and they advised me on how to deal with the situation but long story short, I should have had a clear contract.

When you have your website ready, go to google docs and create a sample contract and get used to sending it to your potential clients at the beginning of the project and make them sign it and send it back (it can be done through Adobe).

I am planning to share one with you here but for now you will have to do so yourself.

Do it! Believe me, it is painful to give up your weekend, see your pictures being used by large brand and you having nothing but lost time.

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