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E-book for freelancers and how to live for and from your camera.

I have been working in this concept for about two years now and it will finally be released this year. After 11 years of freelancing I have gone through experiences that I wish somebody told me. It isn't that simple but also not that complicated to be a freelancer. What does help is to have organised ideas of what must happen in order to succeed. And success by meaning that you can live from your camera or whatever other business you are freelancing in. In this e-book I focus in photography because it is my job and what I understand the best. Whether you work in photography or not, I speak about a free spirit that could not turn art off herself but did have a sense of responsibility to take care of herself in all ways, physically, financially, mentally and spiritually.

The e-book will be released towards the end of 2023 and you can pre-order it now for 10% less. When you pre-order it, you will also get the newsletters once a week about my experiences working as photographer. This are the experiences related to the work itself and not the art of photography or the photographs. Those I share on the blog in my portfolio.

To pre-order the e-book go here:

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