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Updated: Mar 5, 2023

I used to love to run home after school and edit pictures for fun. Horrendous things I would not dare to show now but they were full of emotion and such experimentation was a great training for the current results. Back then I had absolutely not idea that I would end up actually being a photographer and living great from it. But now that I am there I don't feel the lust of editing for pleasure. I edit for work, for money, for responsibility, for the request. From time to time I want to edit for fun and experiment, be my own client and don't think of a target group but simply edit for ME. But a lot of habits have been created around the whole thing and it is difficult to do as a hobby anymore. I have actually even been struggling and pushing myself to do my hobbies aside because otherwise it never ends and believe me, to keep on living a quality life you need to breath and separate yourself from it all. I understand that it becomes your whole life (and I love it! I don't want to change it for anything else) but in order to keep on loving it and be able to produce soulful products I need to take distance from it sometimes. Read a book about science, do a sport (hula hoop dancing in my case, or yoga, or meditation) and keep on seeing people that aren't all about the pictures. There have been times where I work so much that the only people I see are either clients or models or colleagues and I don't even see my friends. I loose a bit on their lives and we grow apart. Another good reason to take a little bit of peace and distance away from photography is so that art seed grows again, because I feel that I have been squeezed. "Give us, give us that thing" and so many times one after the other that I don't have more left in me you know? I need to forget about it and then open my eyes and get that lust again. But first, breathe.

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