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Good shoes for self care

Photography requires physical work, a lot of standing and it depends on the kind of photography, a lot of walking. In the summer I do travel photography and 20 km a day with a heavy backpack is not uncommon. You barely notice you are walking as much because of all the visual impulses but you do, and I find this great training! By the end of the summer my body feels very strong. Yet, the shoes I wear make a very big difference of how tired I feel by the end of the day. This year I finally got a mix between hiking shoes and sneakers that I feel that I can walk forever. It really makes a difference. Can you declare it in your tax? Well, apparently (at least in The Netherlands) you can only declare clothing if it has your company logo on it. I asked my accountant and she said if it is working shoes it might be possible. So this is a recommendation, a way to reward yourself at the same time while investing in yourself and your business.

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