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High season, low season.

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

I have been a freelancer for about 8 years and I finally found a pattern of the months where I get the most work for the kind of photography I do. That's between March and October.

November to February are more quiet. Being able to predict that is amazing, because then I know that I must save for the lower season and take it easy, recharge batteries, do own work to develop my personal skills, meet my friends more often, see the family, work on personal projects and experiment. This winter I am dedicating to all those things and the personal project is to finish the book so I can release it in Spring 2020. I already sold a few on the pre-sale and it is very nice to know that people want to support me, it feels really, really warm in the heart.

I might have invested a bit too much on the prints that hang now on the local exhibit but I can still survive and meet my family abroad. Now I have specific goals for next year so I can work it out even better. Finding patterns can give you so much!

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