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Home office or external studio?

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

I first lived at a huge space which I also used as studio. However, it wasn't fully mine because I was sharing it with my partner and every choice had to be considered with him and also, there were different home habits and work habits combined and that didn't really work for me to invite clients over. Then I had only that huge place as studio and we moved over to another house. It was quiet a hassle to have two places and that old place still felt like not fully mine since we had lived there together. I didn't want to have things here and there so on the next house I decided to have also as a workplace, since it was at a great location but again, I couldn't just hang all my prints and make the main space my studio or invite clients over because there were home habits and I didn't want to clean behind for both of us and it felt a bit unprofessional to have those clients right where I had just placed my dirty laundry. Now I am looking into a nearby home location where there are other entrepreneurs (something I have been missing for a while and I only have it when I go to shoot, since I work directly with the owners but for the rest is my head and I).

The plus points:

- Having a degree of stability and separation between work and personal life.

- Getting to get "properly ready" at the beginning of the day.

- Focus on work instead of having the chance to do laundry in between.

- Mental space at home. Now it feels like I gotta work the whole time because this is also my office.

- Being able to personalise it with my own prints and decoration without having to consider it with anybody.

- Having more space at home because all the gear would be there.

- Having a space for portraits or as backup set to outdoor locations.

- Possibility of networking with the other companies that hang around.

- Having products (prints, e-book, books) nicely aligned.

The min points:

- Extra monthly costs in rent but also in internet.

- It sucks if you have middle of the night inspiration and all your stuff are there.

- Having to go there before a shoot, since gear is there.

Do it or not?

Is the mind space worth that extra monthly spending?

Is it healthy for a relationship to have both a work place and that home is just home?

Do we then need this super location as home if we are both almost never here?

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