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How an idea starts.

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

"How did you get that idea/start that project?" I get asked often. I question "How would it be if this exist?" I see myself in the future and just imagine how it would be. Mr. brain makes some neuronal connections, I feel high from the idea and the dopamine makes me want to try it. Also, I believe to be good in identifying patterns. When I hear about a problem often, I question what could be done to fix it or to actually see that future I imagined in reality.

"A day in the life of... Beroepenervaring" started by seeing many people not being happy with their jobs but not because the job was bad necessarily but mostly because it didn't fit their personality. So Before speding many years of their life in some choice that often feels random, like a study or a job when having so many choices (at least in Europe), I thought it would be good to experience how a usual day being such professional looks like, with its pro's and its cons. Some jobs sound amazing for some and like torture for others.

For example "The whole world is a museum" started when I walked around and just looked at the world and there were so many tiny treasures hidden everywhere. Some old walls would look like a master piece framed in a museum but they were just there. So I framed some, in a picture. Others in an actual frame. The whole world is a museum and I truly believe this, we can see art everywhere, we just need to look and feel and imagine and wonder and wander. Not everything has to cost money and also, nature and time and life is an artist, not all art comes from humans.

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