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Ongoing flow

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

Learning is a process that never ends and basically it has kept me alive, to aim to a little bit higher every-time in my standards. Not only about the gigs I take but also in the quality of what and how I produce something. There have been days when I think wow I am there now! Now really. But at the next moment I get a message whether I can do a sort of photography which I have never done before, such as ultraviolet or something which I would need extra equipment, technique, etc. It is great to keep on having this challenges and specially when you already have a good base to support you. What I do when I get challenges like this, is to ask the client to tell me more about their project to know what they really need and schedule a meeting. In between I will look at samples, purchase some lessons online and already prepare part of the shoot in my head. What sort of background I will need, can I do this with the equipment that I have or will I need to rent/purchase something? If it is most likely a one time thing, I recommend that you just rent it and charge your client for it. When is something that you will be needing on the long term for all of your work, you may as well just invest it and create the best work you can as promotion for future similar projects. One of the most important things to keep on growing professionally and personally is to allow time to create free work, experiment with your camera without having to create something great for a client, allow the mistakes and decide what you like instead of what the target of a client group needs. Everybody you get to meet teaches you something, that never ends and it is wonderful. I hope we could meet someday and inspire each-other.

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