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I am the business shooting in the summer and fall, since most of my photoshoots are outdoor and weather is important. During the less busy seasons I shoot a couple of own projects or projects together with friends (which I don't see much during the busy seasons). Somehow, those personal or friends projects often have amazing leads and chances to try out new things. Two weeks ago I shot two DJ's and a model together while I was testing a lens I might want to buy. It's quite a playful lens, a fish eye so I wouldn't just take it to a client. The results were amazing and they know so much people and shared the images and told so many others in the creative industry that by next week I had booked an amazing gig at a location I looked up to and people with similar soul to mine and I even gave someone else work and the chance to play. It is really hard to know sometimes what will lead to what! What I keep on saying is to listen to your intuition and if something feels right to do and you can play, just shoot it.

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