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Planting the seed, sharing your work.

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

I never dreamt of becoming a photographer but I started to take holiday pictures right at the time of the Facebook blooming and people got to see those images and asked whether I could take pictures of their companies. Yeah, not their families but their companies. I guess they knew more about me than myself but I certainly liked it. The seed was planted through the eyes of the beholder, where they say the beauty lives. I hear many photographers having very high expectations for themselves and if the picture is not perfect they will not share it on social media. Let me tell you, I am not a perfectionist and sharing just the things I like without thinking too much has opened a lot of doors from me. I must accept that with the years, expectations of quality have come and I am slightly more critic now than before but my only recommendation to you is: share your work, share your work, share your work. I recommend this for 3 reasons:

1. You will realise what sort of things your potential clients like. I have had moments when I thought: Wow this is the best thing I have ever done. Not even my mother liked it. And other times, when I share it because I am in a good mood only. Lots of comments that lead to a project eventually. Don't share to impress people, share for sharing the joy of an image and let it be. Some will like, some won't but they are all seeds.

2. Repetition and building your brand. Marketing is basically repetition and positioning. People gotta see your name and relate it to the mental box of photography. When at some point in their life someone asks "Do you happen to know a photographer?" you will pop up in their minds. Some won't need you for many years, but maybe at some point. You gotta keep on reminding people that you are still active in this. The work doesn't have to be perfect, just present.

3. Experiment. I believe that one of the things that has worked for me are those things that I experiment with. Sharing my free work shows who I really am and the people that like it will be very happy to work together. The commercial work sharing aims to those who play safe, who may not be super enjoyable projects but will buy your gear.

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