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Platforms that support my workflow

  1. I connect to potential clients through LinkedIn with the portfolio and potential costs.

  2. Then we continue the conversation by e-mail.

  3. We share files and mood boards through e-mail or google drive.

  4. After the shoot I make up a back up in a hard drive.

  5. Depending on the agreed workflow, I upload the not edited versions to Stack Storage where the client can mark their favourites.

  6. Or, I upload the edited ones to stack storage if the agreement would be that I would make the selection.

  7. I share the link to the stack storage, sometimes with a password and sometimes without. Depending on the agreement with the client and the shareability needs.

  8. I leave this folder in the stack storage as back up. In my quotation I mark that the fee includes back up for one year and this is it. For that I make sure that I am the only one who can erase images from the folder, marking this on the settings.

  9. Sometimes I use Wetransfer if under 2 GB. Before I had Wetransfer Plus but it was 12.50 euro per month just to send the files once and they would be erased pretty soon after. Now I use only Stack storage and the links are always valid, unlike Wetransfer where you have one week. And even plus it stays for only a limited period of time. Stack storage functions as my online back up for the long term too and it is less than 7 euro per month.

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