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Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Dear X,

What beautiful photographs you make! I am afraid we make mostly commercial work and ww photograph officers and people there. I am afraid that you are way above our level!




This is one of the e-mails I have received that are a beautiful rejection but still a rejection. A compliment to my work but a non filling of my bank account which I need in order to continue working as photographer. Not only to live but to keep up with buying lenses, travel, etc.

Often I have got such e-mails of "We love your work but we are afraid you are too expensive for us at this stage of our company. Once we grow we would love to hire you for our campaigns."

Also people who have said "I would have loved it if you photographed it but you are already too expensive for us" and this they have said without asking me first! Which is both a compliment but also a slightly uncomfortable feeling for not being an option for some anymore.

"You are too good" is also a no. On the other side, I guess I could push it more to focus on that "so good side" I am supposed to be at and keep on growing there. If they believe I am there I should believe it too.

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