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The choices you make in your 20's

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Many of us are reckless in our 20's in many ways, including money. Credit cards, buying on credits, not paying taxes, not saving. The bad part is that you create interest for all of these costs! So that's why I want to suggest some alternatives for you when you are young so when you are older you don't get bitter about the debt you built back then.

  1. Instead of a credit card have a debit card that operates as a credit card but only with the money you put it in. So, no loans. My favourite is Bunq, "Bank of the free". They are my favourite four many reasons. Not only their card is colourful and fun but you have the option to pay in the local currency of the country you are at and here you spare money in conversion rates. It is mostly accepted in most stores. Another reason is that you often can arrange whatever you need from the app, it makes it very easy and accessible from everywhere! Also, if you would lose your card it is no problem, you can easily block it from your phone and you run very little risk of other people doing online purchases with it because the CVC number you find only in your app, not on the card. Also, you get insights of your spendings, can have sub accounts and again, not to build any debt, it works as a credit card for purchase flights for example but only with the money you do have in it. It works with ideal, etc etc. But it isn't the only option! It is the one I know and I recommend.

  2. Ask your accountant for how to deal with taxes and really stick to a method to make sure you separate the btw and the taxes. One option is to keep separate account for only btw and taxes.

  3. Career related, get to taste different jobs. Even if you know you'll be doing photography, get involved in different industries and learn how they work and meet people in all kind of industries.

The whole point in this post is that somehow, the choices you make in your 20's can have a big effect of how you are living your live in the 30's and I would recommend not to be a 100% reckless :)

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