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Turn into "the chosen one" portfolio.

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

On freelancer platforms or posts people tag you, there are decens of people reacting as well. What I have seen that works for me to get the projects is having a portfolio close to my heart. It will stand out and they will feel closer to me. In some of the cases, I do represent more risk because my style isn't necessarily stock photography and some clients want that and others don't. Which spares us both a lot of time in not working together. Funny enough, I have had clients that say "We want to work with you because we love your pictures. We need ours like this and that and that" So my own style totally disappears and they just want standard pictures. If I want the gig, I'll take the pictures and simply never add those to my portfolio because they don't represent me and I don't want to attract more of those gigs. Every time more and more I simply don't take those projects anymore, I recommend them to someone who usually enjoys taking such images and then I rather have a day off to work in my future projects. I really appreciate the feedback of clients telling me why they chose to work with someone else and often is this, the personality match. I get happy to hear that the personality in my portfolio is clear, I look at it and I think yes, that is me. The ones that choose to work for me will be happy with paying my rate.

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