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Visual Identity - Recommendation for brands & organisations.

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

Visual identity A coherent visual identity is important for people to recognise and position you. Also, to eventually become a fan if they feel identified. General recommendations.

  • Use your own font. At  you can find royalty free fonts that can take part in people recognising you. 

  • At you can easily edit pictures or you can create collages with already the correct sizes for Facebook and edit colours. 

  • At canva you can easily create posters.

  • For more professional software, you can use the Adobe Software (Indesign, Photoshop, Lightroom). On Lightroom you can create your own presets / filters. So whenever you import an image, it applies it to it. Lowering all the greens and turning on the blues, for example.

  • Color palette. You can choose a few tonalities that mostly fit the mood of the band. Since it is called violet hour I think it is hard to get out of the violets so.

  • The element. You can choose one element that always come back and people can associate to the band. For example, a fallen glass of Whisky that is secretly always or often in the images you share. Just on the background, or in a corner. As symbol of “waste” or whatever feeling you would like. Maybe even fits with adrift. Something somehow unsatisfying.

  • The moodboard. Look for things that inspire you on Pinterest and make a moodboard. This is not to copy for mostly to realise which elements are interesting while you are focused on violet hour in your mind and find interesting color palettes.

Clear:)Starting on the visual identity, one that you can manage yourself. I am going to think a bit and make a list of things. Also, as member of 3voor12 I can submit suggestion for bands. They have their own committee for approval but I can always tip it. Often the send a 3voor12 photographer and writer to the CD releases to check whether it is interesting or not (again, for the long term).

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