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Which camera do you have?

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

One of the most common questions I get from both photographers and non photographers.

I have had 4 different cameras. The first one was a Sony super zoom, absolutely not a professional one but I absolutely loved it because it let me get as close as I wanted and it was super fast to take the shot! and it had great automatic settings since I didn't know anything but had just a feeling back then. The second one was a Nikon D3200, when I had paid clients I felt sort of bad for not having a semi pro camera (for those times standards). With that one I learnt to use manual. The third one was a mirrorless fuji X-E2 which I hated for the first year, then I took it on a trip with me and loved it! Then I upgraded to fuji X-H1. I still love the mirrorless mostly because they are great for traveling, you don't look like a photographer on the street so people don't really hide or feel invaded. The H1 shots great 4K video too, specially if combined with a 35mm 1.4. I learn the most about gear when hanging out with all those technical gear collectors (mostly amateurs actually, but some very good ones). But the professional ones usually don't change camera's as much. My next one will have to be full frame, but I am holding to one that isn't that heavy because as a practical woman I still want everything I use to fit in your my backpack. I don't want to spend time at airports checking in or waiting for luggage at the bands.

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