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Why do I need to charge more now

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

My gigs on the past month had specific targets and deadlines, which means that I gotta "hurry" when working. I really notice how this affects the creativity. I can edit large amounts of pictures in a short time but I simply get to miss details that maybe for the general technique eye don't matter but for the trained soul do. If my soul was open at that moment, I would have felt and little, tiny tiny tilt of the picture would have made the difference from a YES to a WOW. But I had no time for this because I took too much for to little. Honestly I cannot complain about my current price but since I want to keep on delivering only WOW images or at least soulful ones, I need to work less on actual gigs and postproduction and keep space to let the creativity flow with no pressure. To be creative enough you need to have space, silence, wait for it to come to you and when it does, it showers you and you get charged and bright for a long period of time but you do need to relax!

Get to play. Edit for fun.

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